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An innovative system to objectively assess muscle performance for the evaluation of sarcopenia and frailty in older persons
Sarfrailtm represents a true innovation in clinical setting useful for implementing the routinely use of Short Physical Performance Battery-SPPB (Balance test, 4m gait speed, Chair stand test), Handgrip - HG and Timed Get Up and Go test – TUG.
This system objectively measures the outcomes of the single tests, calculates the scores of muscle performance tests, taking into account age, sex, ethnicity, and weight/height of the subject, and stores data in a database.

Thus, the operator can give more attention to the patient during the test, being relieved from the collection and annotation of data. Therefore, Sarfrailtm guarantees high accuracy of data collected and allows to save time for performing and completing the tests.
Sarfrailtm provides reference tables obtained from significant studies available in the literature and selected from the most expert scientific personalities in the field of sarcopenia/frailty. Diagrams and statistics are available either for each patient or aggregated groups.

SPPB test, Timed get up and go test, Hand grip
Made in Italy
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